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Liquor Distillery Processing Plants

Kanchanaburi, Thailand



  • Project Description               
:         The 75 KLPD Distillery and 300 BPM Packaging Plant to produce Extra neutral alcohol at 190 proof Liquor production and Thai White Wisky (Lao Khao) at 40% alcohol will be built by CNT Wine and Liquor Co.,Ltd as a realization of the joint venture entered by the Philippines-base beverage company San Miguel Corperation and the prominent companies in Thailand, The Thai Life Group of Companies.
  • Client 
: The CNT Wine and Liquor Co.,Ltd .
  • Consultancy Services Provided
: Perform for the Owner, full time management and supervision of the project and furnish competent personnel necessary in the execution of the Project, maintaining at all time close liaison and cooperation with the Owner, with the objective of ensuring that the construction of the Project conforms with the drawing and specifications for the Project approved by the Owner, and is within the budget provided and as per the schedule approved by the Owner. 
  • Construction Cost
: ≈1,500 Million Bath
  • Status
: Phase I and II completed in August 2007



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