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About Bangkok Planner and Consultants Co., Ltd. (BPAC)


B angkok Planner and Consultants Co., Ltd. (BPAC) is a leading independent consulting firm of Professional Thai Engineers, Architects and Planners.  BPAC’s strength lies in its philosophy of service quality, stock of know-how, capabilities, multi-discipline experiences and total effort for excellency in customer satisfaction.


B PAC has the capability to carry out major projects, from conception to completion beginning with feasibility and other studies through the intermediate phases of planning, and design, up to construction management stage.  Each phase of work is carried out to the highest quality and standard.  In addition, any specific aspect of project requirement, it can be handled as an option or a separate entity.   


Company Philosophy – As a company specializing in the consultancy service, BPAC accords top priority to the interest of its clients as well as remaining faithful to its principles : independence, neutrality and integrity. Primary aims and service philosophy of the company are :


  • BPAC identifies itself with its clients problems centering on clients interest.  Important prerequisites are a high degree of identification of clients requirements.


  • Clients are provided with solid & decisive advice and technical assistance on project related issues.


  • Work completion on schedule and service quality guarantee that client’s interest will be carried out competently and correctly.  Alternative solution and concepts will accord to the state of art with cost effective.